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Everybody is always looking for ways to make their lives better.


You want to be healthy.


You want to have money.


You want great relationships.


All these things make the human experience more rich and satisfying, so there’s no wonder you want them.


And people go about getting these things in all kinds of ways…


You study for years in school so they can get a good job…


You learn about health and fitness so they can live longer and feel better…


You do your best to be attractive to other people – and not just physically – so that you will have people in your lives that make the experience better.


People do all sort of personal development programs and “work on themselves” trying to find the key that makes it all work.


Well did you know that ultimately these approaches will only work if one thing is true…and this page will tell you all about what that one thing is.


And while at first, it may seem kind of “out there” or new-agey, I assure that it is NOT, and that understanding how life works at a deeper level can give you an outrageous advantage when it comes to living the life you truly want to live.


So watch the video above, or read on…


Have you ever played with magnets?


Have you ever had more than one magnet and tried to get them to stick together? If so, you’ll know that depending on which end of the magnets are touching, they will either attract or repel, right?


This is how the entire Universe works. If you can understand what goes on behind the attraction process, you can tap into that power yourself and – like a magnet – attract anything into you life you can imagine.


I know, it sounds like a freakin’ fairy tale, right? But hear me out…

You might have heard about the Law of Attraction. If you’re on this site, you probably have.

It’s a principles that is as old as the Universe itself, but has come to the forefront more recently thanks to a movie and book called “The Secret”, of which I was honored to be a part.

But one of the definitions of the Law of Attraction that you hear a lot is “like attracts like”…but as the video above proves, that’s simply not always the case…and if it’s a “law”, there shouldn’t be exceptions!

So maybe…just maybe…the Law of Attraction isn’t just about Like attracting Like.

After all, you could hold two drinking glasses that are exactly “alike” as I do in the video, but they aren’t going to slam together, are they?

Maybe it’s just a little ridiculous to think about attraction in such simple terms. Maybe there’s a LOT more going on here. And maybe if you understood more about what was going on, you might actually be able to get results with using the Law of Attraction to actually create a life you love.

So what does determine attraction? And what does that have to do with your life? Your money? Your health? Your relationships?

Well, attraction has to do with something called resonance. If something is in energetic resonance with something else, it attracts it. If not, it repels it…like these two ends of the magnet.

I mean, you probably know by now that everything in the Universe is Energy. And energy – well, it vibrates at certain frequencies. Nowadays that’s pretty much common knowledge. But what’s not common knowledge is that depending on what those frequencies are, various energetic systems will either be attracted to each other, or they will move away from each other.

And while some people even understand that, the deep implications are not considered by most people…and as a result they don’t realize just to what extent that every aspect of who they ARE is an energetic system of some kind and that those energy systems are either in resonance with things or not…and most importantly that the vast majority of things that we as humans resonate with are things we’re NOT thinking about…they AREN’T our goals…and they AREN’T on our vision boards.

When you can understand that resonance and attraction aren’t some new age terminology – and that this Law of Attraction isn’t something we activate – but instead that we are always putting out energy with which the rest of the Universe is either resonating or not, THEN you can begin to understand more about how the Law of Attraction really works, and what’s going to be necessary to see results with it.



You see, energy – in addition to being “atomic” – you know, having protons, neutrons, and all that stuff you learned in science, there is also information associated with it – and in large part, that’s where the rules are made about how things resonate.

The negative polarities of magnets attract because that’s how that energy is encoded with information. The two similar glasses don’s slam together because they’re not informationally encoded to do that even though they’re made of the same stuff – they’re “like”

Some atoms come together as wood – some as water – some as mineral…but when you break it down, it’s all atoms, right? So it’s the information – information that doesn’t show up on any microscope – that makes the rules.

So to get the law of attraction to work in our lives with any consistency, we have to know how to influence the information that is in our energy system.

And THAT’S what makes the Wealth Beyond Reason program different that most other Law of Attraction programs. Because even though we do give you techniques and tools to put these principles into action, you’re not asked to do ANYTHING until you fully understand why you’re doing it, and how it’s going to work.


Our program makes sure that the message you’re sending the Universe about what you want your life to be isn’t cluttered with a bunch of information that you’re not conscious of that will absolutely cause unpredictable results or no results at all.



Look…the Law of Attraction isn’t a toy.

And it’s not a personal development tool.

It’s a principle that explains the very nature of the building blocks of our Universe – a very complicated thing indeed.

But the good news is, you don’t need to know every detail of the intelligence behind all of this – that is reserved for a much higher power…but you CAN tap into what is literally a reality creation mechanism and attract what you want – but you’ve got to thinking that this is all some kind of “magic trick” – because at some level, if that’s how you look at it, you’re going to run into some level of resistance…because it will all seem too good to be true…and therefore, it won’t occur as true for you.

Why? Because the energy that IS that belief that “it’s too good to be true” will not resonate with the experience of reality that is true. Just like the magnets.

But when you shift into energetic alignment with “anything is possible“, “I deserve anything I desire“, and “abundance is everywhere” – I mean true energetic alignment, then the information encoded in that energy brings on the attraction process.

The Wealth Beyond Reason program has been teaching these principles at this level for years, but never so effectively and comprehensively as they do now with the latest release of the program.


We have taken over a decade of content, sifted through it, eliminated some, expanded on more, and added tons of new content to suit the needs of today. And honestly, things are a lot different now than they were 10 years ago.

Because of the onslaught of Law of Attraction products after The Secret, some of them extremely incomplete, there were thousands of people – maybe more – who THOUGHT they were learning about the Law of Attraction and how to “use it”, but had only a fraction of the information – and when they, not surprisingly, didn’t see results, they tossed the whole thing off as a joke or a fraud.

This is what inspired me to reconstruct the Wealth Beyond Reason program from the ground up – to say, “You don’t have to give up on this! There is profound truth to this – but you need all the information.”


As such we have redesigned our curriculum to speak to anyone of any background – even and especially those who would never even consider looking into the Law of Attraction because they thought it was some silly marketing scheme or new-agey concept with no basis in truth.

I’m particularly passionate about reaching those people because it’s often those people who want dramatic change in their lives, but are refusing to look at what has gone into creating the circumstances they want to change – yet it’s an understanding of that that empowers you to create the change.


The Wealth Beyond Reason program is delivered in a series of modules – each one building on the one before it.


Modules Include:

Module 1 – The Law of Attraction and Resistance

Online Video Course With PDF Transcript

Here you will learn everything you need to know about the Law of Attraction & resistance: what it is, what it isn’t and what makes it “not work” the way you want it to. In this module, I’ll be explaining the law of attraction and resistance, and giving you some illustrative examples as to how they are at work, and we won’t take any huge leaps in logic.

This module lays the foundation for everything else and alone is worth more than this entire program. We’ll give you an overview of how the manifestation process works, and then the rest of the course will go through each component in greater detail, plus show you how to apply your new knowledge in specific areas of your life.

Module 2 – Releasing

Online Video Course With PDF Transcript

Now that you know all about resistance (previous module) and the significant role it plays in your experience of reality, you can use this module to understand why learning to release it, is absolutely crucial if you want to make positive changes in your life that are outside of your comfort zone or bigger than anything you’ve taken on in the past.

This module is dedicated to teaching various approaches to releasing. The techniques I teach in this module I consider to be “tried and true”. All of the techniques here CAN work very quickly, whether or not you have any level of belief around them.

Module 3 – How Are You Here?

Online Video Course With PDF Transcript

If you’ve never thought of yourself as not having any control over your circumstances (that life is simply happening to you and you’re just rolling with the punches), it’s critical to know that the reason this continues to be your experience is because you strongly believe it’s true and so you’re in a vibrational resonance with the experience that seems out of control. We attract into our experience the things we are in vibrational resonance with; but we don’t just get into vibrational resonance with something through conscious exercises, like visualization and vision boards.

Understanding how your life is how it is right now is the first empowering step to learning how to create your life exactly how you want it to be. This module covers that and “why bad things happen” and other controversial LOA subjects.

Module 4 – Find Your Passion

Online Video Course With PDF Transcript

Feel disconnected from your passion? Not sure what you’re here to do?

That won’t be the case after this module. Bob shares with you just why reconnecting with your passion is so important when you want to take on creating a life you love and a life that is complete and full of abundance.

Complete this module and you’re well on your way to discovering your passion and creating an inspiring vision which, through the law of attraction, you will begin to bring into your daily experience of reality! This is really what it’s all about!

Module 5 – Visualization

Online Video Course With PDF Transcript

This being one of the key components of the “reality creation” mechanism, you’ll learn various ways to use Visualization to shape your experience of reality.

Visualization is really the first step in the attraction process that gets the energy moving, so regular practice of visualizing an amazing life is something you’re going to want to start doing. This module will show you how.

Module 6 – Gratitude

Online Video Course With PDF Transcript

Gratitude is the most overlooked way to get more of what you want, but when you think about what the law of attraction really is, it just makes sense. Gratitude, is most definitely a feeling.

When you’re truly feeling grateful for something, it’s a vibration full of the information – “I have, and it feels good.” Isn’t that EXACTLY what you would like the Universe to match? Learn why gratitude is one of the most powerful “tools” in your manifestation arsenal with this module.

Module 7 – People & Relationships

Online Video Course With PDF Transcript

Everyone in your life right now is there completely based on what you are vibrating; even if consciously you don’t know you’re doing it. You actually CAN have a life where you’re predominantly surrounded by people who share your dreams, support you fully, lift you up, contribute to your success and share your similar goals and dreams.

So what do you do when you’re your feeling resistance from those around you? Well, you can do one of two things: continue to live the version of yourself that compromises what you truly want in your life to live into the expectations of others, or make a commitment to step powerfully into who you are and see what happens. You’re not on this planet alone! This module will teach you how to surround yourself with people that enrich your life and support your vision!

Module 8 – Intuition and Inspired Action

Online Video Course With PDF Transcript

How do you know what to do as you journey toward the life of your dreams? Learn to hear “how the Universe speaks to you,” and your action steps will be crystal clear!

I’ve put Intuition and Inspired action together in this module for a very specific reason – It’s your intuition that is going to let you know WHAT action to take!

Module 9 – Money

Online Video Course With PDF Transcript

Oh, yes. We cover the subject of money and how to attract it in GREAT detail (we know it’s one of the main reasons most people are here on this page.)

We’ve all got a lot of energy and emotion wrapped up around money. So If we can assume that you would like to increase the flow of money into your life, you will need to do things to that will allow you to shift into vibrational alignment with having money. This module will show you how.

Module 10 – Health and Fitness

Online Video Course With PDF Transcript

The way you feel physically has a tremendous impact on your ability to utilize the Law of Attraction effectively.

You need to honestly assess where you currently are with regards to your health, what you’re TRULY committed to in terms of your health, and what you believe is currently stopping you from having that level of health. This module will show you how to use these principles to create a vibrant life.

Module 11 – Future Generations

Online Video Course With PDF Transcript

One of the most common questions I get is, “How do we best teach these principles to our children?” If we’re really going to change the world, we’ve got to tend to future generations…and that means so much more than making sure they get a “good job.”

To make a lasting difference on the planet, these principles have to be passed down to our kids. This module is all about how to do that. What we need are generations of people who are in tune with who they really are, who are playing a big game with it, and contributing maximum value to the world.

“This entire Wealth Beyond Reason program is built around a solid understanding of the Law of

Attraction, and I’m not talking about some casual understanding such as “like attracts like”, because as we’ll discuss, it’s these oversimplified “sound bite” definitions that make it nearly impossible for some people to get results with anything they try in terms of making the law of attraction work. And it’s these quick, new-agey definitions that have many people quit almost immediately without even giving it a serious look. All the while, however, the law of attraction is at work in their lives, and bringing them every single aspect of their experience whether or not they believe it or understand it. This is why we dig a lot deeper than most other programs when it comes to explaining what the law of attraction is, and just as importantly, what it is NOT.”– Bob Doyle



But the modules themselves are only the beginning…As part of your membership, you’ll also receive

  • A LIVE Monthly training call from Bob Doyle. On this call, Bob will either address a specific LOA-related topic, answer general questions, or have a guest speaker!
  • Exclusive access to our private “Wealth Beyond Reason” Facebook Group where you’ll have direct access to Bob Doyle and the other members of the program so you can ask questions, share results, give and receive support, and make new relationships with a community of like-minded individuals!
  • A huge audio library of recorded interviews and “mini-lectures”
  • A growing library of audio meditations
  • A FREE Coaching Consultation – As a Wealth Beyond Reason member, you are automatically eligible for a free 1-on-1 coaching/strategy session from one of our coaching consultants to determine how we might serve you even better through a personal mentorship, if that is a fit for you.

Each module contains in-depth video lessons, topic-specific expert interviews, supplemental educational lectures, and most importantly actual assignments which put you the student into action with what you’ve learned. There’s no point in getting an education if you’re not going to do something with it. And the attraction process rarely happens without action on your part, so getting you into appropriate and inspired action is our main priority.

By the end of the program, you will have created a vision that is in full alignment with who you are and what you really want – and you’d be amazed at how many people spend time trying to attract something they THINK they want only to realize later that it wasn’t truly what they wanted at all. With our program, you won’t waste that time.


You will learn to eliminate years and years of negative and limiting beliefs with a variety of methods, all of which are tried and true and are easy to learn. This is what ultimately changes that enegetic information so you can go from this (magnet) to this (magnet) when it comes to attracting what you want.

In addition to the core curriculum, you will have access to hours of Q&A coaching seminar audio where just about every conceivable law of attraction question is addressed head on, and you’ll be able to search the entire program for any topic you want information on in an instant.

We also included a collection of audio meditations that are designed specifically to move you into energetic alignment with what you want quickly and easily.

Look, evidence of the Law of Attraction is all around you…

…your very experience of reality is proof that energy in various forms and configurations is a part of your life – and there are specific reasons that everything in your life is there. Sure we don’t think about it most of the time – but when do – when you start to see the big picture, an amazing world of truly infinite possibility opens up.


Bottom line is this – if there is anything you want to be, do, or have in your life that you’re not currently doing, the new Wealth Beyond Reason program will assist you in being, doing and having it.

The amount of resources in this program are staggering, but you’re eased through it easily so there’s no chance of getting overwhelmed.

And here’s the thing: I know it may even seem like TOO much information – but think for a moment about how many years of information you’ve absorbed through school, society, television, parents, and many other sources which have really just taught you “limitation.” To make significant change, you have to unlearn some of this – it’s a re-education, and yeah – it can take some time. But wow, it’s so worth it!


It’s no surprise that if you buy most super-cheap Law of Attraction course that you’re not going to have a profound life change – you’re almost always going to need more than something like that can offer you. We’re talking about YEARS of programming that needs to be changed – in so many potential areas, and there are some foundational things you need to learn and understand. You can’t just rush it and expect miracles. Take the time…whatever time it takes…and you’ll have to life you truly want.


It’s no exaggeration to say that the value of all the resources – the books, the interviews, the teleseminars, the coaching sessions, the meditations, and everything else that makes up the curriculum would be many thousands of dollars EASILY. I was never more aware of that than when I was rebuilding the program. Even I was amazed at how much was here and how many years have gone into the compilation of the material.


So I value this program very highly and for good reason.


This is a premium program for only the most serious people who are ready to take action and who are committed to their results.


So you have the option of enrolling with a one-time tuition payment for access to all the material we’ve put together for you and structured in this incredibly effective curriculum, or you can break up your tuition into 4 installments, but you will be paying a bit more that way.


In any case, your results are guaranteed IF you complete the program.


Meaning you do the assignments, ask for assistance when necessary, and take your time. We’re serious about your results, and this isn’t something to just try to breeze through. While this will be a fun experience, we’re talking about your life here, and we want you to make a commitment to yourself and the program so you can get your results as quickly as possible for you.


If, however, you feel that the program isn’t everything we say it is after completing it fully, you’re entitled to a refund.


But look, I already know that when you do what’s laid out here – I mean really do it – you’ll see results all over the place. You’ll lose count of the ah-ha moments, and there is no way you’ll be the same person on the other side of the program.


You’ll be more confident than ever as to who you’re here to be, and more empowered that you probably ever thought possible.

If you’re really ready for profound transformation in your life, then enroll right now, and you can get started with the program right away. I assure you that halfway through the first module, you’ll understand that you’ve come across something different, and that you’re breakthroughs are soon to come. Note that the price of this program is rising to $1,047 this Monday. November 18th.


Thanks for being here, and I look forward to seeing you on the inside!

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